Virginia/Utah Dual Concealed Carry Class

Are you ready to embrace the responsibility of concealed carry and get serious about your own personal protection?

This dual Virginia and Utah concealed carry class allows students to complete the training requirements for both state permits, allowing them to carry in 38 states.

Together, a Virginia resident permit and a Utah nonresident permit give the holder reciprocity in 38 states.

Nonresident Utah CFP applicants can apply by mail.

Course topics include:
• Laws surrounding self and third-party defense in Virginia & Utah
• Prohibited/restricted places for carrying concealed firearms
• Contacting 911 – what to say and not to say, and your legal rights during the investigative period
• Situational awareness and avoiding confrontations
• Reciprocity and the legal transportation of firearms

Please note: there is no shooting component to this course. Neither Virginia or Utah requires applicants to shoot in order to prove competency.

$99 per student. Includes class and range fees.

For more information, visit or email [email protected].