Finesse Firearms Training Services & Prices 

FFT provides a variety of firearm-related classes and services, including the Virginia, D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee, and Utah concealed handgun permit courses, individual shooting lessons, firearm selection assistance and more. 

Intro to Firearm Safety  
& Range Etiquette 

Private 2-hour training session introducing students to the world of firearms; including firearm and range safety rules, fundamentals of marksmanship, proper operation of semi-automatic handguns, revolvers and/or rifles and shotguns, dealing with malfunctions, and important range rules and etiquette. Price includes all equipment except ammunition. 

$95 per adult or $160  per couple. $80 for kids ages 10-17.

Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit 

Ready to accept the responsibility of concealed carrying a firearm on a daily basis? This 3-hour class explores everything you need to know before applying for your CHP, including the application process itself. Other course topics include self-defense law, prohibited and restricted areas, state-specific firearm laws and restrictions, situational awareness, brandishing, and reciprocity.  This course satisfies Virginia's CHP class requirement. 

$75 per student. 

Washington D.C. CCW Permit

FFT’s Washington D.C. Concealed Carry Weapon permit class meets the training requirements for the District’s CCW for those seeking to carry or possess a handgun while in the District of Columbia. Washington, D.C. is a “shall-issue” district, granting both residents and non-residents the right to apply for a CCW. This course provides the legally required 16-hour curriculum on the District’s firearm laws, child and home firearm safety, legal transportation of firearms, prohibited and restricted areas, situational awareness, etc. Students will also shoot the required course of fire to complete DC's  range training requirement. Click here for more info. 

$199 per student.

Maryland Wear & Carry Permit 

FFT’s Maryland Wear and Carry Permit class meets the training requirements set forth by the state of Maryland for those wishing to apply for a WCHP. Both residents and nonresidents of Maryland can apply for a WCHP. This course provides the legally required 16-hour curriculum on Maryland firearm laws, prohibited and restricted places for concealed carry, child and home firearm safety laws, etc. Students will also complete MD's range training requirement during this course. Click here for more info. 

$199 per student.

Utah Concealed Firearm Permit 

FFT’s Utah Concealed Firearm Permit class meets the training requirements set forth by the state of Utah for those wishing to apply for a Utah CFP. One does not need to be a Utah resident in order to obtain a non-resident Utah CFP.  Once licensed, non-resident Utah CFP holders are able to carry in 32 states, including Washington State and Delaware - two states that do not grant reciprocity to Virginia CHP holders. Utah does not require applicants to shoot in order to prove competency so this 3-hour class will occur in a classroom setting. Click here for more info.  

$99 per student.

Firearm Selection Assistance

Not sure which gun you need yet? It's always smart to "try before you buy" and this fun one-hour course offers students the chance to shoot multiple firearms and determine beforehand which gun is the best fit. 

$85 per student. 

Marksmanship Skill Improvement 

Already have some shooting experience but want to sharpen those skills? This private one-hour skill improvement course is a great way to gain more shooting experience and sharpen those marksmanship skills with the help of a certified instructor. Whether range shooting, defensive shooting or even competition shooting, there's always room for improvement! 

$75 per adult.  $60 for kids ages 10-17.

CHP Group Class Rates 

FFT offers group rates and specialized classes to business owners looking to get their employees equipped with a Concealed Handgun Permit.
Delivery services, bars and restaurants, gentlemen’s clubs, pawn shops, construction sites, and other businesses dealing in large sums of cash or expensive products are especially vulnerable to theft and harassment/assault of employees. There’s no better way to protect your employees and your business than empowering them with the knowledge, confidence and ability to defend themselves on and off the job.

Price varies based on carry permits & group size.  
Contact FFT for a price quote and more info. 

Firearm Cataloging & Valuation

Do you have a safe full of guns but haven’t bothered to keep a record of the makes, models, and serial numbers? Did you just inherit a loved one’s firearm collection but have no idea what they are or what they’re worth? With FFT’s firearm cataloging and valuation service, we’ll pay a visit to your home or place of business and catalog the make, model and serial number of each firearm and take professional grade photos to keep for your records. We can also provide you with an approximate value of each firearm based on its current blue book value. Should you decide to sell, FFT can help auction them off and field questions from interested buyers for a small additional fee. 

$15 per firearm for cataloging & valuation. $100 minimum.