LADIES ONLY Advanced Pistol Course

This LADIES ONLY Advanced Pistol Course is ideal for ladies who are ready to embrace the responsibility of concealed carry and get serious about their own personal protection. It is an excellent follow-up to any basic pistol or concealed carry class.

Course topics include:
• Threat assessment - identifying potential threats and positioning yourself advantageously
• Criminal methods - strategies criminals use to gain the upper hand and how to combat them
• Use of deadly force - laws surrounding self and third-party defense in Pennsylvania
• Contacting 911 – what to say and not to say, and your legal rights during the investigative period
• Self-defense claims – the five essential elements of a legal claim of self-defense
• Domestic violence – recognizing abuse, options for victims, and ensuring physical safety

Students are encouraged, though not required, to bring their own firearms for the live fire portion. Ladies will also have the chance to test out different firearms to determine what might be their ideal concealed carry gun.

$125 per student. Includes class and range fees.

For more information, visit or email [email protected].