Dual Washington D.C. & Maryland Concealed Carry Class

FFT’s combo DC/MD Concealed Carry Course allows students to complete the firearms training required to apply for a concealed carry permit in the District of Columbia and Maryland.

D.C. and Maryland give residents and non-residents the right to apply for a concealed carry permit, given that she/he has met all legal criteria and completed the training requirements with a certified instructor.  

The 16-hour curriculum is divided into four parts and students are welcome to take the course over multiple weekends to better accommodate schedules.

All four parts are in-person, hosted in the upstairs conference rooms at the NRA Headquarters, located at 11250 Waples Mill Rd. Fairfax, VA 22030.  

Parts 1 and 2 occur on Day 1, usually a Saturday. Parts 3 and 4 occur on Day 2, usually a Sunday. Part 3 contains the required range training and shooting qualifications. 

Class topics include laws surrounding self-defense and use of deadly force, home storage and child access prevention, transportation of firearms, prohibited/restricted areas for concealed carry, and brandishing.

We will also cover more basic firearm-related topics such as handgun components, pistol actions/functionality, ammunition, firearm malfunctions, cleaning, storing, etc. 

Each student will need 75 rounds to complete both shooting quals. For DC, students must shoot 50 rounds from no farther than 15 yards. For Maryland, students must shoot 25 rounds from 3, 5, 7, and 15 yards in a specific/timed format.

Students are welcome to bring their own firearms or FFT can provide rentals. Ammo can be purchased at the range.